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Will my car pass an NCT with a set of 4D Plates?

Will I pass an NCT with my 4D Plates?

Much like the topic we have covered previously about the Laws surrounding 4D Plates in Ireland (Check out the article here), the same rules apply to passing an NCT. 

Sometimes, it's just going to be down to who is testing your vehicle. 

You know the situation. 

You'll get that one person that just goes a bit too over the top when it comes to checking for faults. 

They could pull you up on the tiniest of things.

But don't let that discourage you from going into a test with your 4D plates on.

Here's the lowdown...

When it comes to license plates, the laws are simple. A vehicles registration must conform to a set of rules which deem it road worthy in the eyes of the law. 

Plates must have correct letter size and spacing, colour, European flag, place name and boarder. All these components must be within a set of dimensions. You can check out out full break down of this here.

But nothing is said in the laws about the height of the letters. 

As 4D Plates are quite a new thing in the Irish car scene, some people are too quick to judge on their legality. Simply because they haven't seen them before. 

However, so long as your 4D Plates have been created with the correct legal dimensions and display all the correct legal content, you have nothing to worry about. 

At Paradox Plates, we've got both a road legal standard for our 4D Plates, and a non-road legal standard based on what customised options you choose. 

For our Road Legal 4D Plates, they will pass an NCT because they've been made to conform to the Irish Road Laws. 

For people who have customised their plate and have changed out some of the legal components to suit their own style, we also have a solution for that too. 

Just fit your car with our plate surrounds. 

With plate surrounds on your vehicle, you'll be able to swap in and out any plate you please with ease. 

As the plate surround is what's physically attached to your bumper and not the pate itself. 

Simple just hold on to your old plates when you purchase your new set of 4D Plates, and when your NCT is due, swap out your 4D Plates for your old original ones. 

It's that simple!

If for whatever reason, you do have a legal set of 4D Plates on your car and you get pulled up on them in the test, use this legal document to set them straight. Find it here.

This document is from the Irish Statute Book and lays out exactly what your plate should look like. 

In most cases, the person pulling you up on it doesn't know what they're talking about. So educate them. 

They cannot legally fail you if your plates are made to the legal standard.