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The Laws On 4D License Plates In Ireland

With an ever growing demand for new and unique mods in the Irish car scene, 4D License Plates are the new must have mod for car junkies. 

Of course in some cases, certain modifications thread the line between what's legal and what's not. 

Although a large amount of modified car enthusiasts tow the line on this topic daily with straight piped exhausts and slammed suspensions that you'd be lucky to fit a finger under, some car owners prefer to stay on the fully legal side of things. 

4D License Plates undoubtedly do give your cars exterior and very unique look on the road that most motorists haven't seen before.

But what really is the law for these new design features?

Are they legal?

Here at Paradox Plates, we've done the research so you don't have, so lets get into it...

The Laws on Vehicle Registration in Ireland are quite firm and are laid out in the Irish Statute Book. It's full of boring legal jargon and an unnecessary amount of words, so here's all the main points you need to know;

Under The Irish Statute Book S.I. No. 432/1999 - Vehicle Registration and Taxation (Amendment) Regulations, 1999, "the identification mark of a vehicle shall be displayed on a rectangular plate which shall correspond with either Diagram No. 1 or Diagram No. 2 shown below".


Diagram No.1
Diagram No.2

These 2 examples show how the legal standard for an Irish Car Plate should look, except for the colour (the images were just in black and white).

  • The plate shall be marked all around by a black border.
  • The identification mark and place name shall be formed of black characters on white reflective material. 
  • The plate shall exhibit the place name in Irish, the flag of the European Communities and the letters IRL. 
  • The license plate can't contain any words, letters, numbers, emblems or other marks other than those required. 
  • An identification marks which is exhibited on a plate shall be affixed with an adhesive substance so that it cannot be readily detached.
  • The flag of the European Communities shall appear as a circle of twelve gold stars against a blue background with the letters IRL underneath in white. These must also be reflective. 

As you can see, nowhere on the Irish Statute Book does it say that the characters on your license plate must be flat or cannot be raised. 

Therefore, so long as your license plate conforms to these standards, they well be deemed road legal in the eyes of the law, whether you have 4D characters or not. 

At Paradox Plates, we've ensured that our 4D Plates are offered to you in the fully legal format, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your new unique mod wont cause you any trouble. 

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Of course we do offer our customers the option to modify their plates further.

Whether that's having your plate borderless or with a blacked out European Flag (also know as our Midnight Edition Plates), or any other custom options they please. 

If you use these further customised plates on the road, it is at your discretion. Just be aware that the plate is not of an Irish Legal Standard. 

If you wish to read the full legislation on Vehicle Registration in Ireland, you can check it out here