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About Us

Paradox Plates is an Irish brand that is built around car culture. 

Built for PetrolHeads, the True Car Enthusiasts, who've taken a passion for cars and turned it into an obsession. 

We aim to provide the highest quality products and a top notch service to our community, because behind it all, we're just like you. 

We consider ourselves Car Junkies. The type of people who, if the opportunity presented itself, would take a Nissan Skyline R34 over a House, because... it's an R34 Skyline of course!

There's no logical reasoning behind it, it's just raw passion. 

And that's the type of brand we want to build. The type of community we want to work with. 

Because most of the decisions we make about our cars have no logic. We'll lower the suspension, add on a body kit, change the colour and defiantly replace the alloys.

Maybe all these actually make the car perform worse, but by God will it look Damn Good!

And that's what it's all about.

Just simply taking something you like, and turning it into something you LOVE.

Somethings that's unique. Something that stands out. 

Whether you're a student in college or a successful wealthy businessman. It doesn't matter. Cars are cars. It doesn't matter who's driving them. It's all about how they make us feel. 

Our products are suitable for everyone.

Whether you're just starting off on your car journey or a seasoned veteran.

No matter what you're driving. We guarantee we'll have something for you to make your ride that'll little bit more unique.